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Philadelphia International Auto Show

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About the Producers

When you walk into the doors of the Philadelphia Auto Show, you probably go directly for a Road Map to see where you are going to start your “Auto Show trek”. Or maybe you’ve done your homework beforehand and you grab a smoothie and a soft pretzel and head straight for the vehicles on your “must see” list. No matter how you begin your Auto Show experience, it’s highly unlikely that you stop and ask yourself one of these questions:

Are the escalators moving the right way to handle the crowds?

Did security open all of the ticket entrances?

Is the music in the DUB Live exhibit at the right decibel level?

Are all of the show lights on?

You see, all of these questions are just a few examples of what goes through the minds of the staff of the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, owners and producers of the Philadelphia Auto Show. (Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have the answers!) When questioned who actually organizes the Philadelphia Auto Show, most of our beloved guests are stumped. We’d like to fix that, so please allow us tell you more about “us”…

We are the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP); a non-profit organization consisting of approximately 180 local franchised new car and truck dealers in the five-county region of Philadelphia. Established in 1904, we are the oldest association of our kind in the nation. Our mission is to support, promote and protect the common interests of the franchised new car and truck dealers of Greater Philadelphia by providing services and programs, disseminating information, enhancing dealership image and pooling collective influence for the benefit of our members. We do this through a number of activities, education programs, events and more.The Philadelphia Auto Show has become our – and one of Philadelphia’s – largest consumer-oriented events.

Planning and preparation for the Philadelphia Auto Show is a year-long effort. The full-time staff of the ADAGP – which is a group of nine individuals – works diligently with a number of partners to give you, Philadelphia’s everyday consumers, what we believe is one of the best auto shows in the country.

The 700,000 square foot display floor that you experience at our event is just a slab of concrete before we get our hands on it. Like most convention centers, the Pennsylvania Convention Center remains bare for easy move in and move out of materials for different trade meetings, consumer events and more. Our Auto Show clocks more than 30,000 on-site labor hours to set-up (and break-down) all of the different displays.

And that’s just when the show is “coming and going”! Prior to that, the staff of the ADAGP travels throughout the country to visit some of your favorite manufacturers and sponsors to discuss their individual plans for our event. Many, many days are spent drawing floor plans, arranging celebrity appearances, developing contests and much more. And while producing the fifth largest Auto Show in the nation is quite a task, we also keep ourselves extra busy with a number of other important initiatives and projects throughout the year through our Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Foundation. (You can find out more about our Foundation here!)