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January 13-21, 2024

Vehicle Stories

Vehicle Stories

1958 Ford Ranchero

Owner: William Miller
Club: First State Mustang & Ford Club

It All Started The Summer Of ‘71’

I was in the Navy on a Carrier doing my 4 year hitch. We came back from Nam to our Home Port, Alameda Calif. for a few months of R&R and Dry Dock maintenance. I sold my motor cycle and bought this 1958 Ford Ranchero that had seen better days for about $300. But I figure it was a lot warmer than driving over the Bay Bridge than on a bike and I could also help some of the guys with moving stuff. Little did I know this would be my project for my in port time. On one of my duty days a shipmate friend Bill Nicholl and I are shooting the breeze when one of the Yard Workers asks if we know of anyone who would buy a 62 Ford with a ‘406’ for $100 bucks. Well first question is, “What’s wrong with it”. Oh a spun rod bearing and second gear is gone (BW-T10) Well my buddy talked me into it, so we took on the challenge. The Navy Base had a garage where you could rent a bay and tool box, so we take the Galaxie’s engine out and break it down to see the damage. The Navy Garage put us in contact with a Machine Shop service. Now this is long before there was internet so hunting down parts was fun but we got that done with the help of the nearby Ford Dealership and a local Speed Shop. Renting this space is costing me, so my buddy says I can use his parking spot under his apartment (picture) and sent the Galaxie off to the Junk Yard. After a few weeks waiting for machining and rustlings up parts Now all we needed to do was put this thing together, no bench or engine stand just some 2×4’s and two young strong backs.

We decided to rebuild this ‘406’ in the bed of the Ranchero.
Haa, Thought I was kidding you, didn’t you?
All the cleaning, checking, measuring, lubing painting and assembly went on back there.

‘Bout ready to head back to the Navy Garages to pull the ‘292’, automatic and drop the Fresh FE in. Easier said than done, we needed a few guys to align and guide ‘er in, check all wires and look for leaks. All went well and got her running and what a difference an engine swap makes. Drove it a bit and everything finally fell in to place as far as the tuning and brakes and suspension. So with the mechanics in order it was time for a paint job, nothing spectacular, but it needed a new look, nothing fancy just a Maaco job. Took it to a local paint shop and had it painted Diamond Black. It was my turn to take leave and visit with Family back in Philly; it had been almost a year since I was home.

I left her at the paint shop and went home for two weeks, since the shop didn’t have a problem keeping it for the time it worked out great. When I got back I was kinda surprised at just how good it looked, amazing what a shiny new paint job can do.

With all the fun we just had, it was time for the ship to deploy and back to Nam. So I put her in storage till my return and discharge from the Navy 6 months later. After charging the battery and running thru the old gas and tuning everything is back in order and I got a Rand McNally Road Atlas (no GPS) so now ready to go. I decided to take in the sites of this cross country drive so I head south to LA to visit another friend that had got out last year. Then cross the desert at night to Los-Vegas, (didn’t even stop), Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellow Stone. Made it back to Philly about a month later, the only problem I had was my vacuum windshield wiper motor came loose under the dash. Trouble with that is you don’t know until it’s pouring rain. I don’t know if I was brave, stupid, or what, to drive this project car over 3 thousand miles with only a few hundred on the build. Not bad for a couple of hacks in the back of a truck.

Once home and I get back with the crowd doing crazy stuff you do when you finally get out of the military. My Ranchero is just my everyday car so it sits out in the weather, rain, snow, but it gets me back and forth to work. A couple of years later I’m doing a little street racing and don’t I go and spin a rod bearing. I figure this time I’m doing it better, steel crank LeMans rods 12-1 comp. “B” cam. During this time I had bought a 67 Mustang fastback 390 GT. And I was thinking of putting the ‘06’ in the Mustang, putting the ‘390’ in the Ranchero and selling it. My Dad said to me, “Are you crazy? How many Mustangs you see (back then, lots) and how many 58 Rancheros you see, (zero) I’d keep the Ranchero.”

So the Ranchero went back together and it was a screamer. She would do 7K, shifted at 6.5K. Well I’m haven fun, making a little money on the street. *You only go fast enough to win*.

A few years later I’m tired of the car being black, besides, my Mom always said it looked like the flower car in a Funeral Procession. Gee, thanks Mom. 🙂

So I get another Earl Scheib paint job, Medium Gray, and Tonneau cover and she looks pretty sharp. A few more years go by and it getting harder and harder to buy gas to run 12-1 comp. no matter how I tune it. No more Sunoco 260 (Blue Gas), almost everything is no lead.
So it it’s into the garage meanwhile life goes on with marriage, new home, moving and so it sat for 20 some years. I’d by some things and store them in the back of the truck and look at it saying (some day), it’s just I had other priorities. Now I’m retired and my wife said, “Why don’t you get your old car running again?”, well no asking twice. By now I’ve owned the Ranchero some 48 years so it’s time for the pros to take over, but to the way I want it which is keeping it in that early 70’s look. Had the engine rebuilt with a decent cam and the body work and paint done by a great shop. Boy, you never know how bad your sheet metal is till all the paint is removed. Luckily lower quarters and floors were available. They did a great job replacing sheet metal and fabbing up what couldn’t be bought, she’s nice and
straight, with tight even door gaps and a great paint job. All in all it took about 18 months to get her back. All nice and pretty, I think the shop was impressed with the look and color once all the (Jewelry) Stainless & Chrome was back on.

Satin White Pearl, even though my wife would have liked it better in 50’s two tone, but I’ve always owned it as single color, so that was how I wanted to keep it, period correct Tires and Cragar SS wheels.

Now that I have my car I joined the area car club, ‘First State Mustang and Ford Club’ of over 120 members, dues are very reasonable. Though it’s about 90% Mustangs we do have some representatives of ‘Ford” other than Mustangs. I like the club a lot mainly because of the Members and the Charities we support from our Car shows we put on twice a year. We have a good organization with a Pres, VP, Treas., Sec., Web Master, I’m sure I left out a few more, all volunteer their time to keep the club running smoothly and keeping everyone informed and events in order. Some of the club go as a group for the weekend to ‘Ford Carlisle’, and travel to the local Charity Car Shows; we also support other car clubs with their shows for good causes. We’ll do drive bys and a few do parades.
Some members are amazed that I’ve owned my Ranchero over 50 years, but I’ve heard from so many “if only I had kept, or if I only knew” Well, I still have mine, and I drive it as long as weather permits, and when I do, it’s like I’m back in the day.

1965 Beck GTS Porsche 904 replica

Owner: Daniel Galyon
Club: Bucks County Exotics

One of the reasons I moved to the Philadelphia area after my retirement was the active car culture. Soon after I arrived, I found Bucks County Exotics and became good friends with the director- Mr. Ernie Valtri.

Bucks County Exotics is all about unusual cars. On any given Saturday cars and coffee event the parking lot is filled with an assortment of rare finds from Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche, McClaren, Shelby, Avanti, and Lamborghini. When you talk to the owners it is fairly obvious that each of them are also rather “unique” to say the least- in a good way!

The Porsche 904 was designed by “Butzi” Porsche in 1964 as a lightweight mid-engine competitor to heavier front engine cars from Ferrari, Jaguar, and Shelby. Porsche marketed the car as truly dual use- both on the street and on race tracks. Many car connoisseurs consider the 904 to be the most aesthetically beautiful car Porsche has ever built. It was produced for 2 years during which only about 100 were manufactured. Far fewer remain and the present price for one those original 904 cars is around $2 million. That kind of investment was well beyond my pay grade as a neurosurgeon in Upstate NY where I practiced.

For better or worse I had fallen in love with the Porsche 904 as a young boy and was determined to have one- more or less. In 2016 I found Specialty Cars in Bremen Indiana. Chuck Beck had designed and built a replica of the 904 years ago and his son was taking orders with only 3 or 4 cars being built each year. In 2018 I acquired Beck GTS #41 and started driving it as it was originally intended- both on the street and on various race tracks. It has been driven at Watkins Glen, Pocono Raceway, and NJ Motorsports Park for high speed driving events and was raced at Road Atlanta in 2019. The car is also a regular at the bimonthly cars and coffee gatherings of Bucks County Exotics in Doylestown and won a second place in the race car division of the New Hope Car Show in 2022.

The specifications of the car are as follows:
Weight: 1960 lbs
Engine: Stock 1995 993 Porsche engine
Transmission: Porsche 915 with Wevo short shift
10 gallon fuel cell
Wilwood brakes and rotors
10X17 and 12X17 BBS wheels
Tillet fiberglass seat for racing
Cost of driving: priceless

1965 Ford Mustang

Owner: Jose M Arroyo
Club: Gas Guzzlers

This car was sitting for many years in somebody’s yard. It was all rotted, full of trash, bushes growing through the trunk and full of mice. The interior was all rotted. It had no gas tank or radiator. When I got it people thought I was crazy. Now it is one of a kind built and a big attraction at car shows.

Club members are like family. Besides doing different activities we also do car shows to donate the money to different charities.

NJM 2023
NJM 2023

1968 Ford Mustang

Owner: Bruce Wolf
Club: Valley Forge Mustang Club

My Mustang has been owned by the same family since my Father purchased the car for my Mother in August 1968. This is the car I drove for my drivers license test, and I drove the car daily in the 1980’s. When the Mustang developed engine problems in 1989 and my family wanted to get rid of the car, I was against getting rid of the car and insisted that I wanted to keep it and restore it. I did not realize that the car would be in storage for 26 years during which time I was married, raised a family, and built my law practice. In 2015 I began a six year restoration project which ended in December 2021 when I drove the car home. I love this car, had a lot of good times driving her, and still enjoy being behind the wheel. The car is now 54 years old, I think she looks marvelous, and I can say to my family “see, I was not crazy for keeping the car all these years.”

I joined the Valley Forge Mustang Club in 2016 to meet fellow Mustang enthusiasts who would understand my love for my Mustang, and to obtain guidance with my restoration efforts. The members have been very helpful, and supportive. The car would not be here without their guidance and assistance.

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

Owner: Hank Rome and Mark Rome
Club: First State Mustang and Ford Club

What makes my car unique?
It’s definitely not one of a kind. The 1968 Fastback Mustang brings me back to the day I first watched the movie Bullitt staring Steve McQueen. I had many models of the Bullitt Mustang as a young kid. So, to finally find a build to work on with my sons was incredibly exciting to me. The unique part of this journey comes from telling my sons about the movie from 1968, and during that time the car chase was the main topic of every young kid during that year.

Why do I love the First State Mustang and Ford Club?
This club loves the Ford Mustang as well as other Ford Models produced from 1909 to present. They’re Family oriented and reserve a special place in the line-up for Teenagers and young adults. The club calls them the Young Guns and they compete in their class for trophies and recognition in all the FSMFC events.

My Story:
I was soon retiring from the USAF after 36 years, retiring at the Rank of E9 Command Chief Master Sergeant. My dream build started on a whim. I was looking at a 1967 Fastback mustang at the local gas station while the owner was putting fuel in the tank. Realizing I knew him, I paid a visit. I couldn’t help asking how long he had the vehicle, where he acquired it, and of course how much did he pay for it. Arizona is the state he said, ”no rust, I got it about a year ago, paid $23,000.” I was impressed it was all original. My quest was on. I fumbled through countless websites, FB marketplace, Craig’s list etc. but nothing was remotely close to my dream car 1968 Bullitt. The dream fades away as fast as it came to fruition. Then one day while talking to a retired coworker who was visiting the Military base where I was assigned, he asked me if I was still interested in purchasing a 1968 FB. Bingo, I was like a kid in a candy store asking all kinds of questions. Where is the car? Who has it? How much? He said: “why you forget fast.” The one my father-in-law has in one of his garages. Oh, yeah, the one he’s tried to re store since 1981. Yeah, that one. Well, ok! Give me his number. After he left, I called the gentlemen and of course he had the story to tell. So, I listened while he chronologically told his tale starting from 1981 to present. In all he had around 5 or 6 vehicles mostly Mopar. After his story telling he said he would get back to me with a price, as he had to confer with his car club buddies. Ok I said and ended the call. While shopping in Lowes my phone rings and low and behold it’s the gentleman selling the ‘68 FB. He starts off with a $35,000 price and goes down the line describing the values and conditions of vehicles, as I agonize with this ritual, I stay focused and assured, he will eventually come to a fair market price, which he did. I didn’t flinch at the price or even try to negotiate. I said I would take the offer of $3200.00. (Between the time he called me the first time, I had visited him to look over the car and its was a heap, rot box, cowls, floors, quarters, fenders, hood, trunk interior all trash) so I knew $3200.00 wasn’t bad for what I was about to commit too. I picked up the car Feb 2013 drove it home and through my development, receiving many odd looks and head shaking as well as finger pointing to the wreck being pulled through the streets. As I arrived at my home my wife was mortified by what I was about to place in our garage. Are you for real? The door quickly closed as she stomped off into the house. We quickly removed the carcass of a ‘68FB into the garage and closed the door. Since I live in a neighborhood where working on vehicles is frowned upon. First, I needed a plan. I didn’t have one. So, I quickly went to work addressing every detail. The motor was on top of list. My son Mark took over this operation as well as the transmission and drive train. With that out of the way I started ordering parts. Fenders, upper & lower cowling, floorboards left and right. Seat risers, trunk lid, hood, quarters bumpers etc. Each month I would order parts in between rebuilding the motor with some upgraded cams and valve, sending out the block and heads for re-bore and surfacing along with the crankshaft. We soon finished up the engine and set it aside, work started immediately on the transmission. When completed, we set it aside too. Second, the interior was stripped out to bare metal. Floors and cowls were cut out, all new parts welded back in place by very experienced welder friends. After the welders were completed all drive train and suspension components were removed, new steering, brakes front and back, along with all suspension ordered and ready to install along with rust removal from the under carriage and engine bay. Off to paint and body for make-over. New interior installed. Along with tires and rims. A quick trip forward and 4yrs later the result, a smiling son a happy wife and the disbelief of neighbors as we rolled her out on her own for a quick trip around the block!

1972 Oldsmobile 442 Tribute

Owner: Norman and Sharon Stearns
Club: Delaware Valley Oldsmobile Club

Always loved cars. Now have two Olds, the other one is a 1972 Cutlass Convertible. Also have Corvettes. Also a member of Chester County Corvette Club and Chester County Cruisin’ Classics.

1987 Ford Mustang

Owner: Dave Crawford
Club: On Angel’s Wings Hope For Hallie, PVR

My car started out as a father son project with my son Evan before he left for the Marines. The car was bought in very sad shape in multiple colors with parts from several different vehicles, over the past several years the cars has transformed into a heavily modified drag inspired street car that sees its fair amount of car shows (the one for charities) and racing, The clubs I support are the ones that do charity work and raise awareness for various causes that are personal and very important to me!

On Angels Wings – I just recently joined this team, we are racers that are raising awareness for mental health and educating people that mental health is not taboo and that its ok to need, want and ask for help. We also have people to help with resources to help others understand and learn the signs of someone that may be struggling. I really could go on forever!

PVR- I’ve been apart of PVR for a number of years and consider them my family, we have a lot of fun gatherings and car shows usually to support local causes and charities. We have several Chapters with all makes and models even though we are 85 percent mustangs lol.

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

Owner: Joe Lovern
Club: Lincoln Mark VII Club

I have owned other vehicles thru the years & wanted something different. I met people at breakfast meets & cruises that owned the Lincoln Mark VII’s, which caught my interest.

After purchasing my first Mark VII I joined The Lincoln Mark VII club. Thru the past 20 years I have owned several Mark VII’s.

Currently own 3 modified & 4 project Mark VII’s.

I enjoy working on my cars & having them at shows & events for others to appreciate.

1990 Ford Mustang GT

Owner: Jon Torres
Club: Venom Outlaws Mustangs and Domestics



· CUSTOM 2-1/2″ H-PIPE





My first car was a 1980 Gia Mustang that my dad got for me back in 1989. At that time, it was just a car, a means to get from point A to point B, but after needing repairs done and getting taken advantage of by repair shops, I took it upon myself to learn to maintain the car. I went to the public library to look at repair manuals and then I would xerox the pages I needed for whatever I was working on. The next thing I knew I was overcome by this bug, which turned into a passion to work on cars! My next two cars were mustangs, but with life and starting a family I had to give up on them to put the kids and their needs first. Next thing I knew 25 years went by before the time was right to buy another one. I purchased this car in 2018 as a mostly stock original paint car that needed a little love. I straightened out the little issues it had and I then I just enjoyed driving it around. Then a couple years of ago while out on a cruise I was run off the road by some reckless drivers and ended up against a guardrail with the front and rear of my car smashed up. I decided that if I was going to repair the car, I would go all out, so I stripped it down, had the damage repaired, and completely repainted the car. I redid and improved the interior with many custom details done by myself. I built a new motor for it and added an old school Kenne Bell twin screw supercharger with many more custom details done by myself, I upgraded the transmission, I upgraded the braking system and I replaced and improved the entire suspension. Besides the paint and body work, I personally turned every wrench on this car and I personally fabricated many of the custom details. I am very proud of my car and even got second place in my class at Carlisle 2022 Ford Nationals while attending with my club Venom Outlaws. It’s not 100% perfect, but it is by far the nicest Mustang I have ever owned.

During all those years I went without a Mustang, I always dreamed of the day I would have another one and be able to take it to the Ford Nationals, so as soon as bought this one, I took it to the first show I could! My brother and I went together and one night after the show we went to local hotel afterwards because the car club he belonged to was having a small gathering there. While we were there, I noticed another group of people with a lot of nice cars having their own gathering and having a pretty good time! That group was Venom Outlaws and I knew right away that it was club I could get along with. I joined up that night and have been a part of the club ever since. Over the last few years, I have become good friends with many members of the club and I hang out with them whenever I can, whether it be at shows, or just getting a bite to eat on a Monday night at the Hanoverville Roadhouse. I stay involved with this club because they are a bunch of genuinely good people who share many of my same interests and values. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be chosen to represent Venom Outlaws at the 2023 Philly Auto Show!

1991 Ford Mustang GT

Owner: Todd Uhlig
Club: BMC Racing

This is HOOLIGAN HOT ROD, a former “Project Car” in the Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford Magazine. This 1991 Mustang GT was owned by Vinnie “The Hitman,” a writer for the magazine, and was featured multiple times from 2004 to 2007. It started as a stock car and through the years Vinnie added some go fast parts including the HP Performance Turbo Kit, a Summit racing 347ci Stroker kit, Trick Flow Top End kit, and a Lentec Automatic trans. Vinnie took this Mustang from an every day 14.xx second car down to a mid 10 second killer while still keeping the stock Ford 302 Block (which was pretty impressive back in 2006) but that wasn’t quite fast enough for The Hitman, so he pushed it a little more and finally that stock 302 block couldn’t handle it anymore and split right down the middle. Now, since the demise of the stock block, this car has had a few more Go Fast parts added to it to become what it is today. How you see it today it has a 347 Stroker with a World Products Man-O-War Block, Trick Flow Heads and Intake, still the same HP Performance Turbo Kit but now with an 88mm Precision Turbo feeding 25 pounds of boost to make this setup send over 1000HP to the rear wheels on a dyno through a Freddy Brown Built 4STB Automatic trans. This build has pushed this car far into the 8.xx second 1/4 mile time, but still remains tame enough to drive down to the shore or just go out to grab something to eat on any given day.

2002 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

Owner: Nathaniel Jackson
Club: Cecil County Mustangs

My dad bought this car in 2004. It was only two years old, was completely stock and had 27,000 miles on it. For nine years, this was his fun car – the one he drove to the races at Dover, went out cruising on the weekends with and took out when he got together with his friends. Then in 2013, I was born and his life changed. (He would say it changed for the better!) I became my dad’s first priority, not his Mustang.

This Mustang has always been a part of my life. My daddy loved this car, but he loved me more, so it sat in the garage most of my life. We would take it out occasionally for a drive around the block, but not much more than that. But he was proud of owning it and how it looked just as good as it did the day he bought it in 2004. Every year when my aunt would talk about needing cars for the Philly Auto Show, my dad would say “I’d like to put mine in the show some year. Maybe next year.”

My dad died in August 2021. My uncle and aunt decided that they would keep the Mustang for me until I was old enough to own it myself, so that I can have this part of my daddy that meant so much to him. They’ve spent time fixing some of the issues that my dad never could figure out, so now we can start driving it more often and taking it to shows.
I got to attend my first car show this summer. We didn’t take my car, but I got to display my aunt’s Mach 1. I had so much fun getting the car ready for the show and then seeing all the other cars that were there. I can’t wait to be able to take my car out to shows this summer!

This car is now 19 years old and it’s almost the same as it was the day my dad bought it. My uncle put the 03-04 Cobra wheels and the Powerflow throttle body on the car for my dad over 10 years ago. The only new additions are the JLT fenderwall air intake and the exhaust. I got the best surprise when I found out that CJ Pony Parts and MBRP used my car to show how to install MBRP’s new cat-back exhaust system for 1999-2004 4.6L Mustangs! I think that it sounds so awesome now!

We are submitting the car under Cecil County Mustang Club because that’s the club my daddy was a member of. They’re not a very active club right now, but when I get older, I’ll find my groups to be a part of, just like he did.

2003 Ford Mustang

Owner: Stephen Cicalese
Club: Pig Vicious Racing

My Mustang has been with me since new in 2003 — my first car. At 16 years old, this was a dream come true as it would be for most kids that age. My interest, and ultimately flat out obsession, with automobiles started as a young child. Growing up, every week, at the grocery store, my mother would allow me to grab 1 or 2 hot wheels cars and I’d rush her out of the store home to show my father. Being a gearhead, my father encouraged my interest which eventually led us to visit car dealerships as a teenager to try and pick out my “new car.” Lots of miles driven and time spent with sales people(getting information about every feature and model available) led us to the day I could finally talk Mom into getting/begging her to sign for my mustang. My parents, both, were very supportive of my passions and getting behind the wheel of a lifelong dream (that continues).

Working multiple jobs while in school, I made my payments and somehow found a way to buy “goodies”. As the first year of ownership progressed, the car started to stand out from the crowd and got up enough nerve to take the mustang out to a car show. I spent a week scrubbing every nook and cranny, woke my father up at 6AM, and got the sunburn of a lifetime our first time out, but came home with a trophy for the 21 & under owner’s class. This is where I met the South Jersey Mustang Club. Immediately, I received so many compliments on the car as well as great advice on how to maintain and customize my car. Deciding this was a great set of people, I joined up with SJMC. As the years passed, I participated in many shows, went to parties, and served on the board for a short stint.

As the years progressed, I did become less active due to pursuing a nursing degree and starting a new career — even starting a family of my own. Life seemed to settle, years down the line, so I started expanding on my own skill set and started dramatically modifying the mustang. With many “extra” parts and busted knuckles, the car grew into what it is today.

Once again, after a long hiatus, I started going out to car shows again. A club by the name of Pig Vicious Racing was introduced to me and I decided to join because I saw so many familiar faces – as SJMC were also members of PVR. We’ve now travelled to shows all over to represent Pig Vicious including a first place win at Carlisle Ford Nationals.

I have been blessed by being able to bring my daughter to the shows and we have another race car enthusiast in the world. As my father was able to pass down his knowledge and passion to me, I try to do the same for her.

2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10

Owner: Roberto Cannistraci
Club: 215 Mopar

About my truck
It’s a 2006 Dodge Ram Srt10 Quad cab in mineral gray. If you’re not familiar it’s what’s known as a Viper Truck because it comes with the same V10 motor that the Dodge Viper comes with. The Ram Srt10 was only made for 3 years. In my color in 4 door there was only 310 of them made. So it’s quite rare especially since it’s not known how many of them are still on the road today.

I was searching for over a year for one of these trucks in the color and 4 door version. This one was found in Missouri. I had a fellow Viper truck enthusiast from a Facebook page I am part of that lives somewhat in the area go and check it out for me. He was amazed at the condition it was in and told me I’d be a fool if I didn’t buy it. So, sight unseen in a couple of weeks it was delivered to me in NE Philadelphia off of a car hauler. And I immediately fell in love with it. My sons were with me and couldn’t wait to actually sit in it for the first time.

As far as noticeable exterior mods it was lowered about 4 inches. I have yellow racing stripes outlined in thin blue stripes, but not your normal racing stripes. If you stand next to it you’ll see that they are textured. There is a snakeskin look and feel to them. (Viper truck remember) on the side of the vehicle going up the side it says Viper Srt 10 in the same yellow and blue colors. Smooth though, not the same snakeskin texture. Headlights and taillights have been updated to newer brighter LED type lights with sequential signals etc. There are several other cosmetic mods inside and outside with some performance modifications as well. All of the work including the stripes and and side vinyl work I did myself.

About my club
I’ve been a member of 215 Mopar for over just over 5 years. What attracted me to 215 was not only the nice cars but what this club did and who the members were. Every event they attend has to have a charity attached, a food drive, a cause, or someone or something in need. From food banks, cancer, autism, pets, even charity walks that had nothing to do with cars. Within my first couple months I was helping to organize charity events and in about 6 months or so I was asked to be the clubs event coordinator. Without hesitation I accepted.

Since then for over 4 years we have our own monthly events all season long that have a cause behind it. From Autism Speaks to Childhood Cancer to Gift of Life House to Diabetes to a Local High School raising money for team uniforms. We as a club attend some of the biggest local events and take top club as far as attendance or contribution to the cause. Now I’m not saying all this to hype myself up as to who I am or what I do for the club. I’m simply informing you of what 215 is and what we are about. Sure other clubs have very similar attributes but I believe 215 Mopar and our members do things not better, just different.

2007 Ford Mustang GT California Special

Owner: Megan Appleby
Club: California Special Worldwide Mustang Club

I was 19 when I bought my car. She is named Black Widow after the superhero. I think that it’s important to have female representation within the car community. Her vinyl has Black Widow details on the side stripes, back deck lid and under the hood. She has an Edelbrock Stage 1 supercharger pushing 400Hp, as well as many more mods as seen on my display sign!

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Owner: Jordan Lomax
Club: C3 Car Club

This is Daylight. A 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 with a 6.1L that makes up to 425 HP. She’s not the newest or fastest car here, but she is fast and she still has enough power to keep up with most cars. If you see me around the area, feel free to walk up and ask any questions or just talk to me. We’re part of C3 Car Club, a car club that prides itself on helping the community and helping other car clubs around the tri-state area. C3 is open to anybody with Mopar or GM vehicles and it’s free to join. Once you’re in you grow with us and become family. We help each other grow and become more knowledgeable about our cars. I love for the fact that we do charity events like cars and coffee, prom escorts, toy drives, and trunk or treats just to name a few. If you’re interested in the club, follow us on Instagram: @c3carclubphilly or check me out @lo_of_the_rings25

2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Owner: Brian Miller
Club: Philly SRT Jeep Squad

I’ve had my Jeep since it was brand new in 2009. They only built this SRT8 version over 4 years and made about 10,000 of them in total. Mine is 1 of 34 inferno red SRT8 Jeeps built in 2009 and total production for the year was only about 1000. I’ve been modifying it since I purchased it and it currently has a built stroker motor with an 88mm turbo making well over 1000 wheel horsepower. Without the drag race wheel setup it looks very unassuming and is very surprising in a race. Along with the power mods I have made quite a few interior and exterior updates/changes that make it highly unlikely one built the same will ever be seen.

My club is comprised of a bunch of local SRT jeep owners that help each other out with issues and get together when possible. We all met on social media and started hanging out and setting up meets to hang out and cruise and or race at the drag strip. We are just car enthusiasts with the similar vehicles (motors and hp vary a good bit with the original SRT at 420 to the Trackhawks 707). We get together when we can as a bunch of “car guys”. Its also nice because even though we all have jeeps we will go to other Mopar or general car meets since most of us are “car guys” and not just jeep fans.

2010 Ford Shelby GT 500 CONVERTIBLE

Owner: Larry Ladson and Michael Southerland
Club: GQ Custom Ridez

This car is 1 of 15 made in 2010 with this color combination and a convertible. This is a very low mileage Shelby GT 500 that is very close to show room condition. GQ Custom Ridez car club is a family-oriented car club. We enjoy interacting with the community especially with the youth. Showing our vehicle and educating who ever is interested in them is a passion of all of our club members.

NJM 2023
NJM 2023

2011 Dodge Challenger R/T

Owner: Frankie Kurtz
Club: Sinister Mopar

My car is the representation of what a club should be. I race it, show it at car shows and drive it with friends. Everything that has been done to my car has been with friends in my club. The time spent and memories made because of my car is something I will always cherish!

My club is the Heart of our community! We make it a point to always give back to our community in any way we can, from food drives to drive by car shows to lift someone’s spirits or to send off a love one in the military. In the time we have been a club we have raised thousands of dollars for charity and even more for food for our neighbors, including our furry friends and family members.

I love this club! #SinisterStrong #SinisterMopar

2016 Dodge Charger Sxt

Owner: Gabriel Rubi
Club: Pig Vicious Racing

Well i will like to start with my car is one of a kind since everything start as a kid loving cars and always want a muscle car and as a adult I have the opportunity to own my first muscle car. I came from Mexico which I’m always proud of my culture and I try to represent it on my car with prehispanic stuff. I try to make it simple but a good looking car, as part of my club pig vicious racing I will say is one of a kind club because is full of people that love any type of car and person as long you love cars you are welcome to the club the only bad thing about this club is the lost of our owner Daniel which he always make you feel welcome to the club regardless if you drive a brand new car a old school car a v4 car or v8 car he always make you feel like family and this is why I will like to represent my club everywhere because he make me welcome the first day I meet him.

2018 Dodge Charger

Owner: Lori Kiefer
Club: 215 Mopar

My 2018 Dodge Charger ScatPack, aka The Queen Bee…

When I first laid eyes on my ScatPack in July of 2018 I knew it was for me and I was sold. I learned the car was only 1 of 12, certified by Dodge (Chrysler Corp), I was just starting to realize how special it was and sensed it was going to change my life. In October of 2018 I joined the 215 Mopar Family and I was on my way to new adventures.

First, the car……I decided that I was going to show the car at local shows that would benefit charities….it needed to be noticed. I knew I needed to ‘mod’ special to compete with the ‘boys’ that dominated the show scene, I was all in. Borla Atak exhaust, Billet Engine bay trim, Lighting Trendz headlights and underglow, DownForce Solutions custom front splitter, summer wheels and tires, The Queen Bee was made, but something was missing. Ideas for a one of one decal swirled in my mind, along came Artomotive Graphics, a company owned by a fellow 215 member. Jointly we created the most unique Queen Bee graphic, that turns heads everywhere.
The Queen Bee was winning Best of Shows, placing in the top 3 at the Chrysler Nationals, comments and praise about everywhere. I was so proud, but there is more…….

Second, 215 Mopar, this club really isn’t a club to me, it’s my chosen family. Together we move mountains as a club. I pride myself on representing this club everywhere I go, with good reason. Not only do I have an award winning car, but I have an attraction that draws people out to charity events. I, together with my family, help in our endeavors to give back to the community. I run our registration for our monthly cruise nights, sell our 50/50 tickets, and make myself available to help in any way I can. I’m even more proud of what 215 Mopar does then I am about my car.

The 2023 Philadelphia Auto Show is this girl’s dream……I get to show my absolutely amazing car, I get to meet people at the show and spread the word about the best car club, I mean family in the Philly area.

2018 Dodge Charger

Owner: Khalil Muse
Club: C3 Car Club Philly

My name is Khalil Muse and I own a 2018 Dodge Charger 392 Scatpack. My car is torred, a color dodge made itself which is a mix of red and orange! My interior has red and black suede seats with the Scatpack bumblebee stitched in it. It has 20 inch 5 star black rims, a custom trunk deck wicker bill and front bumper spitter. My headlights were custom designed by lightening trends with over 10 different changeable colors, patterns, and designs. I also have a custom gloss black demon hood with a changeable light inside the scoop with multi colors and designs! My lower front bumper grill has a lightening trends emblem with the words “powered by SRT” with a bumble bee that also changes colors with Bluetooth. I did something different no other charger has done and that is I painted my front Brembo calipers blue and the rear calipers white. My front splitter is carbon fiber along with the rear diffuser also being carbon fiber. The roof and trunk was wrapped gloss back. On my passenger rear door there is a “Supreme” decal which is a popular clothing line sticker located and on the right fender there is a supreme decal with 392 in all white right underneath it which catches the eye to anyone. The club I am currently in is c3 car club Philly. C3 stands for charger, challenger, Camaro. I love the club because we do a lot of give backs such as school drives, feeding the homeless or providing clothing for them during different seasons of the year, we give out turkeys for families in need during thanksgiving, toy drives around Christmas season, talks with the youth to keep them off the streets and staying in school to get education and much more.

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

Owner: Scott MacDonald
Club: Bucks County Stangz

I have owned the Shelby for a little over 2 years. I previously had a 2003 Cobra (Terminator) which was a lot of fun but the Shelby is just better is most every way. I’ve taken it on multiple road trips to the Tail of the Dragon (twice) and Daytona Beach. It is an amazing car and the best car I have ever driven. And the sound it makes is glorious! I am a part of Bucks County Stangz and we make a point to participate in a number of events for charity throughout the year. One of the best reasons to be part of the car community is the chance to help others.

NJM 2023
NJM 2023

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Owner: Ralph Jain
Club: 215 Mopar

In short, I am a Jeep Guy. Have always had them and always will! Most recent addition to my ownership of Jeeps is my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon which I purchased a few years back and the modifications have been nonstop. Modifications include extensive modifications to the suspension, motor, lighting, wheels, interior and stereo just to name a few. The factory color is called “Sting Gray” and I opted to accent all in a metallic blue. I am very proud of this build and there is quite a bit more to do to this beast in the future.

For years I have participated in car events with my Jeeps. At many of these events I often saw the 215 Mopar car club in attendance. For many years I never desired to be a part of a car club until I spoke. with some of the members from 215. They were very humble and inviting. They do not judge you and all Mopar owners are invited to join the group regardless of what you drive, the age, the condition, the amount of money you have into your car. After my initial experience with 215 Mopar I opted to apply to be a member at the latter part of summer 2022. After I was accepted I was able to meet and learn more about the club. I quickly learned this/our club constantly gives back to the community. 215 Mopar regularly raises money for good causes such as cancer, autism, addiction to name a few. They help each other out. They do an extensive amount of non-car related activities outside the car world as well such as breakfasts, trips and other fun things. 215 Mopar is a family of good people.

Thanks for inviting me to attend the Philadelphia Auto Show with my Jeep Wrangler as an ambassador for 215 Mopar, the best car club in the area. Cheers!!

2020 Mustang GT

Owner: Chris Nardi
Club: 302 Performance

Just love cars and racing! I’ve been wanting a twin turbo set up for years and finally made it happen, just looking forward to enjoying it and having fun.

Check out more of the car on Instagram @cnardi91 same thing for YT.

2022 Ford Bronco

Owner: CJ Pony Parts
Club: CJ Pony Parts

Originally ordered a 2021 Bronco in bright red on opening day to be a project for CJ Pony Parts. Ford couldn’t fill the order and then discontinued the red and it defaulted to black for 2022. When the Bronco finally arrived the turbo died after 17 miles. Not a good start lol. Since then it has been a great vehicle. Ordered as base model so I could build it the way I wanted. So far that includes a custom wrap styled after the late 70’s Broncos, a 3 in lift kit, Fuel wheels with 27 in BFG tires, Besttop soft top, MBRP exhaust system, Roush cold air kit, Covercraft seat covers, Turbosmart blow off valve, and a bunch of other stuff.


January 13-21, 2024