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January 13-21, 2024



Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some frequently asked questions and answers from years of experience serving our guests at the show. Please choose a category or browse through the questions below; chances are you′ll find the answer you′re looking for! If not, feel free to visit our contact page and send us your question.

The Philadelphia Auto Show is thrilled to welcome you to its 2023 event. A few changes have been made at our entrances so please make note of the following:

-You will be able to gain re-entry into the event this year. Just be sure to get your hand-stamped upon your initial exit.

-Please leave your firearms at home to avoid any issues when going through our metal detectors. Per Pennsylvania Convention Center policy, only on-duty, uniformed police officers may carry any firearms inside the building (regardless if you have a permit to carry).

-The best entrances to use this year are at 12th and Arch Streets or via Market Street/Jefferson Station. Please note – the Broad Street entrance will NOT be in use for our 2023 event and the 11th Street entrance will be open on Friday and weekends only.

Q: I have a concealed carry permit, can I bring my gun to the Auto Show?
A: The Pennsylvania Convention Center has a policy that NO ONE other than on-duty,  uniformed police officers are permitted to carry a firearm inside the convention center at any time. There is no location or safe box at the convention center to secure firearms. Anyone observed with a firearm inside the building will be escorted out of the building by Philadelphia Police. Please leave your firearm at home when attending the Auto Show or any event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Q: Are cameras or video recorders allowed?
A: Yes, cameras and video recorders are allowed at the show.

Q: Can I take pictures of the displays?
A: Yes! We encourage you to take pictures of the displays. And we’d love for you to use the hashtags #phillyautoshow and #nothingliketheautoshow if you share them on social media!

Q: Can I fly my drone in the Show?
A: Unauthorized drone operation is strictly prohibited within the Auto Show.

Q: Can I leave the show and come back the same day?
A: Yes, just be sure to get your hand stamped at any show exit before leaving.

Q: Is there a lost and found?
A: Yes, lost and found is located on the Main Floor of the Auto Show and operates during show hours. If you think you may have lost an item at the show, please call the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 215-418-4911.

Q: Where can I find what cars are going to be at the show?
A: You can continue to check the Vehicles section of this website for the latest on vehicles scheduled to appear. As soon as we know a vehicle is coming, we will post it there.

Q: Why are some vehicle brands not included in the auto show?
A: While all brands are invited, the decision whether or not to participate in the Philadelphia Auto Show is at the discretion of each manufacturer.

Q: Can you sit inside the vehicles?
A: Almost every manufacturer’s display welcomes show-goers to sit inside the vehicles, pop the hood and kick the tires. Generally speaking, there is no access to the Classic, Exotic or Custom Alley Vehicles.

Q: Will the representatives try to sell me their cars?
A: The Philadelphia Auto Show is a non-selling show. This means that no sales are allowed to be made on the floor and no one will pressure you into buying anything. It is a show for you, the consumer, to inspect all angles of the vehicles and have a pressure-free environment in which to do it. The product specialists at each manufacturer booth will be able to answer any questions you may have about the vehicles.

Q: Will the manufacturers give out rebates on vehicles?
A: It varies by manufacturer; please ask a product specialist at the Show if any rebates are available.

Q: How do I get into the Exotics displays?
A: Entrance into any of our Exotics displays is at the sole discretion of the staff managing the respective displays. The only way to guarantee access is to purchase a ticket to the Black Tie Tailgate, as most exotic displays are open to all attendees that evening.

NJM 2023
NJM 2023

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: All tickets can be purchased online through this website. We strongly encourage all attendees to buy tickets online in advance, as there will be a limited number of self-serve ticket kiosks on site. Click here to buy tickets now.

Q: Are group tickets available?
A: Yes, group tickets are available at a discounted rate in quantities of 20 or more. Click here for details or to order.

Q: Do I have to come on a specific day or time?
A: No, there are no time or date restrictions; all Auto Show tickets are good any ONE public day (see dates and hours posted here). Same day re-entry is allowed; just be sure to get your hand stamped at any show exit.

Q: Are alcoholic beverages permitted at the show?
A: While you cannot bring alcoholic beverages into the Convention Center, there are places to purchase alcoholic beverages inside.

Q: Where can I eat at the Convention Center?
A: You can purchase food and beverages from refreshment stands located on the concourses and Overlook. You may also get your hand stamped in order to leave and enjoy the many restaurants in the area.

Q: Do the vendors at the Convention Center accept credit cards?
A: Some vendors do, some do not. Play it safe and bring cash, although there are ATMs available inside the Convention Center.

Q: Where are good places to eat near the Convention Center?
A: There are many wonderful restaurants in and around the Convention Center. The Reading Terminal Market is located adjacent to the Convention Center, with its entrance at the corner of 12th and Arch Streets. You can also find more information on area restaurants on our Explore Philadelphia page.

Q: Where can I find directions to the Auto Show?
A: Driving directions to the show can be found here. If you plan to ride SEPTA or PATCO to the show, you can find directions here.

Q: What is the cost of parking around the Convention Center?
A: The cost of parking around the Convention Center depends on if you park on the street or in a parking garage. The cost of a garage varies from owner to owner. We recommend using the Spot Hero app to lock in a rate and reserve a parking spot ahead of time!

Q: Where can I park around the Convention Center?
A: Parking is available on the street and in parking garages. Click here for more parking information.

Q: What is the most convenient way to travel to the show?
A: The easiest way to get to the show is to take SEPTA. Not only does SEPTA allow you to avoid all of the traffic, but you can also purchase an Independence Pass for unlimited one-day travel on SEPTA services!

Q: What are some hotels in the area?
A: There are many hotels around the Convention Center. For more information on hotel packages that include free parking, check out Visit Philly′s site.

Q: Is there a place to check bags and coats?
A: Coat and bag check is available for a fee. There are two coat check locations available.

Q: Can I rent a wheelchair?
A: Yes, manual wheelchairs are available at every entrance on a first come, first served basis. You will be required to leave a valid Driver′s License that you will get back when you return the wheelchair.

Q: Can I rent a motorized scooter?
A: Yes, there is a Scootaround rental location conveniently located inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Please contact Scootaround in advance of your auto show visit at 833-945-4141 to reserve a scooter.

Q: Can I bring wheelchairs and strollers?
A: Yes, you may bring your own wheelchairs and strollers into the Convention Center.

Q: Are there designated smoking areas?
A: Smoking is not permitted in the Convention Center. If you wish to smoke, you must exit the facility to do so.

Q: Is there handicapped parking available near the Convention Center?
A: Parking situations differ with each parking area. Click here for more parking information.

Q: Are there elevators to accommodate people with special needs?
A: Yes, elevators are available at all entrances.

Q: Are there services for deaf and hard of hearing attendees?
A: Yes, each year we host a special Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community Access Day at the Auto Show. ASL interpreters will be available throughout the show on Saturday, February 4 only. Interpreters can be dispatched by texting your location to (610) 756-0330.

Q: Is there a place for mothers to nurse/pump?
A: Yes, a Mamava pod is available at the end of the Bridge, between the entrances to Halls A & B.


January 13-21, 2024